Fresh Gooseberries 12pp

Fresh Gooseberries 12pp

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Misty Mountain Specialties Fresh Gooseberries


  • Cherry-sized
  • Orange skin with yellow flesh enclosed in a papery husk
  • Cousin to the tomato
  • Earthy sweet tart taste, like a cross between a gooseberry and a cherry tomato
  • Chewy texture

How to Use:

  • Fine dining establishments use the cape gooseberry as a garnish
  • Incorporate them into recipes
  • Pair well with meat and savory dishes
  • Yummy as a snack
  • Used in pies, jam, sauces, berry crisps, and chutney
  • Add to salads or yogurt
  • Puree
  • Stew with honey
  • Dip into melted chocolate


  • Store in the refrigerator in a sealed container
  • Will last several months in a dry space
  • Available year round