Wild Porcini Mushrooms 8oz (Dried)

Wild Porcini Mushrooms 8oz (Dried)

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Misty Mountain Specialties Dried Wild Porcini Mushrooms 8oz


  • World’s most popular wild mushroom for taste and versatility
  • In England they are known as Penny Bun (resembles a small bun sold for a penny)
  • Broad, round, brown cap with a firm bulbous stem
  • Rich, nutty, earthy flavour
  • Meaty, creamy texture

How to Use:

  • Versatile
  • Grilled with truffle oil
  • Layer with sliced potatoes and bake
  • Sautéed or roasted
  • Add to stews, risotto, soup, or pasta dishes
  • Pairs well with steak


  • Store in a sealed container in a cool, dark place indefinitely
  • Available year round