Winter Mushrooms


Fall is usually the best season for mushrooms, but there are a few edible varieties that still grow through the colder months. As long as the grounds stay free from snow, these mushroom types can generally be found through the winter. 

Winter Oyster Mushrooms

  • More rubbery than fall oyster mushrooms
  • Can be slightly bitter
  • Yellow gills, slimey grey caps
  • Require slow, long cooking for the best texture and flavour
  • Provide great nutrition for the body
  • Chop, sauté, and add into dumplings with garlic and onions
  • Pair well with seafood dishes
Winter Chanterelles

  • Grow in abundance once golden chanterelles have cleared
  • Found at the base of trees or next to logs
  • Thrive in damp, shaded areas
  • Small, orange mushrooms with very thick gills
  • Add to poached eggs and sourdough toast
Witch's Butter

  • A few different kinds
  • Usually bright yellow or orange in colour
  • Jelly-looking
  • Can be found growing on hardwoods or conifers
  • Described as bland and flavourless

Brick Caps

  • Improve in taste as the year progresses
  • Typically found in the autumn months through to the winter
  • Become less bitter after the first frost
  • Grow on decaying wood
  • Red caps with light brown gills
  • Up for debate if this species is edible or not


  • Can be found year round, but easiest to find in the winter months
  • Most often grow on birch trees
  • Black outer appearance with tough texture
  • Medicinal properties
  • Can be broken down into powder and added to recipes
  • Stir into tea, coffee, or hot chocolate