The World's Largest Truffle


Back in late 2014, an Italian truffle company unearthed the world’s largest white Alba truffle which weighed in at 4.17 lbs. To put this into perspective, the average truffle is only about 0.09 lbs. 

After the Italian truffle company announced their discovery, bids up to $1 million USD were being rumoured. The truffle was then flown to New York for an official auction. Though much lower than anticipated, the giant truffle sold for $61,250 to a businessman from Taiwan. Not bad for something from the dirt. 

In 2018, a pair of white Alba truffles that weighed just under 2 lbs were sold for $85,000 USD - the same price you could buy a brand new Mercedes Benz for. White Alba truffle prices continue to skyrocket as they are highly sought after and extremely hard to find. These truffles lack an outer shell, therefore their season majorly depends on weather and climate conditions. 

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