The Coolest Mushroom Names


Witch’s Butter

Witch’s Butter Mushrooms are a beautiful bright yellow colour, smooth and jelly-like, with folds that look similar to a brain. They are often found growing on the wood of deciduous trees. These mushrooms are generally edible once cooked, boiled, or steamed.

Destroying Angel

Destroying Angel Mushrooms get their name from their delicate white appearance, yet extremely poisonous and potentially deadly attributes. They have a smooth cap, narrow stem, and usually grow from the ground. They can also be found forming on oak trees, lawns, and in grassy meadows.

Chicken Of The Woods (Pictured)

Chicken Of The Woods Mushrooms are one of our absolute favourites. They are pretty large in size, orange in colour, and irregularly-shaped. Chicken Of The Woods can be found growing on hardwood and conifer trees. They have a lemony, meaty taste and make a great plant-based meat substitute in many recipes.

Bearded Tooth

Bearded Tooth Mushrooms can also be referred to as Lion’s Mane Mushrooms. They are large, white, and shaggy with 3-10 inch “icicles” hanging off of them. As they age, they slowly turn from white to yellow to brown in colour. They are a yummy addition to crab cakes and vegetable fritters. 

Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail Mushrooms are shaped just like their name portrays, with a colourful orange and red pattern. Some Turkey Tails are edible with medicinal properties, while others are not. They can be foraged year-round just about anywhere in the world. Turkey Tails are often found growing on dead stumps, trunks, and branches.