Porcini Powder Uses


Our Misty Mountain Specialties Porcini Mushroom Powder is 100% pure. Porcini powder is a convenient way to add the rich, deep, and robust flavour of mushrooms to any dish.

Here are some of our favourite recipes to add Porcini Powder to:

  • Butternut squash & kale risotto
  • Savoury summer quiche
  • Sprinkled onto grilled cheese
  • Sprinkled onto homemade pizza
  • Added to homemade gravy
  • Used as a steak marinade
  • Mixed together with breadcrumbs and added to macaroni & cheese
  • Added to wild mushroom pasta
  • Added to fettuccine alfredo
  • Turned into porcini-flavoured sea salt
  • Turned into mushroom soup broth
  • Sprinkled onto buttered popcorn
  • Added to omelettes
  • Rubbed onto meat prior to cooking
  • Added to sautéed potatoes or hashbrowns
  • Added to the dough for savoury buttermilk biscuits
  • Sprinkled onto herb-encrusted chicken
  • Sprinkled onto pork loin

Misty Mountain Porcini Mushroom Powder 1lb