Mushroom Duxelle


We are so excited to have a plant-based mushroom duxelle in the works!

What is mushroom duxelle?

Mushroom duxelle is a flavourful combination of finely chopped mushrooms, shallots, garlic, butter or olive oil, and sometimes the addition of herbs such as thyme and parsley. The ingredients are slowly cooked into a paste-like consistency.

What type of mushrooms are in a duxelle?

Any type of mushroom or a combination of them can be used in mushroom duxelle. You'll often find a mixture of cremini, morel, shiitake, porcini, and white button mushrooms. 

How do I use mushroom duxelle?

This mushroom condiment is traditionally used in the preparation of beef wellington, but has many other uses as well including:

  • Add to omelettes
  • Use as a savoury pie filling
  • Flavourful addition to soups, pasta, and mashed potatoes
  • Makes a delectable spread on crostini or toast
  • Use in stuffed ravioli
  • Use in stuffed chicken breasts
  • Makes a delicious baked potato topping with sour cream and green onions