Fiddleheads Are Back For Spring!


We are pumped to have fresh fiddleheads back in stock! These tasty little spirals bring a grassy, springlike flavour with a hint of nuttiness to your culinary masterpieces. 

What are fiddleheads?

Fiddleheads are the tightly coiled tips on ferns. They are usually foraged in springtime when ferns grow their new shoots. In North America, our fiddleheads are sourced from the ostrich fern. If you are foraging your own fiddleheads we always recommend to go with an experienced guide as some ferns can be toxic. Another reminder is to only harvest a few fiddleheads or else the fern could die. 

How do I use fiddleheads in my cooking?

Rinse your fiddleheads thoroughly in cold water to remove any dirt. Avoid eating fiddleheads raw as they may cause an upset stomach. We recommend boiling them for 7-8 minutes and then draining before adding to your dish of choice. 

What do fiddleheads pair well with?

  • Buttery lemon dishes such as salmon or pasta
  • Egg dishes and omelettes
  • With hollandaise sauce
  • Cooked with morel mushrooms
  • Sauteed with garlic butter
  • In a savoury, cheesy tart
  • With lobster and roasted vegetables
  • Turned into fiddlehead saffron soup
  • Paired with soy sauce or capers
  • Lemon rosemary risotto 
  • Added to potato salad
  • Ricotta pasta
  • With caesar salad, bacon, and a hard boiled egg
  • On toasted crostini with cream cheese, garlic, and lemon zest