Fall Mushroom Guide


Grab your winter coat and rubber boots and head outside as autumn is the most wonderful season for mushrooms. Wild fungi pop up all year long, but fall provides us with the largest selection and availability. Keep an eye out in your grocery store for these autumnal mushrooms. 

1) Chanterelles - Delicious in mushroom soup or sautéed with butter and garlic.

2) Truffles - Add to pasta, turn into a cream sauce, or use as a dip for french fries. 

3) Lobster Mushrooms - Turn into plant-based lobster mushroom rolls.

4) Porcini Mushrooms - Add to risotto with garlic, butter, mild goat cheese, and freshly ground black pepper.

5) Button Mushrooms - Sauté with pork to make blended tacos and accompany with pineapple jalapeno slaw. 

6) Hen Of The Woods - Sear in dry red wine and top with seasonings to mimic steak.

7) Hedgehog Mushrooms - Prepare with bacon, thyme, oregano, heavy cream, and penne pasta. 

8) Cauliflower Mushrooms - Turn into a mushroom vegetable curry.