Cooking With Mushrooms


We love experimenting in the kitchen with different kinds of mushrooms. Here are a few of our favourite types of mushrooms and how to use them in your cooking.

White Mushrooms

  • Mild tasting
  • Find most commonly in grocery stores
  • Sliced up and topped on pizza
  • Eaten raw or cooked
  • Tossed in salads

Shiitake Mushrooms

  • Light woodsy flavour
  • Meaty texture
  • Commonly used in Asian cuisine
  • Sauteed, stir-fried, roasted
  • Added to pasta, pizza, or soups

Portobello Mushrooms

  • Hearty and rich
  • Commonly used in Italian cuisine
  • Give depth to creamy pasta and sauces
  • Make a great meat substitute
  • Great for grilling and stuffing (ie: cream cheese stuffed mushroom caps)

Oyster Mushrooms

  • Mild, sweet flavour
  • Often used in Chinese cuisine
  • Great in stir-fry
  • Commonly used in soups

Enoki Mushrooms

  • Mild flavour
  • Good raw
  • Slightly crunchy
  • Added to soups
  • Good sauteed

Morel Mushrooms

  • Nutty, earthy flavour
  • Great sauteed in butter as a side dish
  • Often used in risotto

Maitake Mushrooms

  • Earthy aroma
  • Delicious when seared or deep fried
  • Yummy added to warm rice salad
  • Often used in noodle bowls and soup

Chanterelle Mushrooms

  • Woodsy flavour
  • Velvety texture
  • Commonly used in European cuisine
  • Great paired with creamy pasta dishes
  • Added to omelettes
  • Spooned over steak