Chicken Of The Woods Mushrooms


One can find Chicken Of The Woods mushrooms most commonly growing on or at the base of oak trees. They are roughly fan-shaped with a bright yellow orange colour. As they age, their colour will dim and fade more into white. Their size can range from 2-10 inches across and up to 10 inches long. These mushrooms thrive from August through October in most areas. 

Chicken Of The Woods mushrooms are saprotrophic, meaning they feed on dead trees. They are also parasitic, meaning they attack and kill live trees by causing the bark to rot. 

Sharing a lemony, meaty taste, these mushrooms can be compared to crab or lobster. They are a great substitute for meat in almost any dish. Below are some of our favourite ways to incorporate Chicken Of The Woods into your cooking.

  • Coated and deep-fried (pictured below)
  • Turned into a marinade
  • Vegan substitute for buffalo wings with blue cheese dip
  • Added to hashbrowns
  • Turned into plant-based chicken noodle soup
  • Made into a grilled “chicken” sandwich
  • Added to pasta dishes
  • Sauteed with white wine, lemon juice, garlic, and shallots as a side dish