Dried Lobster Mushrooms 8oz

Dried Lobster Mushrooms 8oz

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Misty Mountain Specialties Dried Lobster Mushrooms 8oz


  • White mushroom coated with red fungus
  • Not a true mushroom
  • A type of fungus - when left undisturbed completely covers its white host with a red coating
  • Both the host and the fungus are edible
  • Named comes from looking like a cooked lobster shell
  • Firm, soft texture
  • Slight nutty, salty taste
  • Some say it has a seafood-like aroma and taste

How to Use:

  • Extremely versatile
  • Can be a substitute for any mushroom
  • Holds texture after cooking
  • Adds colour to any dish
  • Sauté, bake, or stir-fry
  • Add to vegetarian or seafood casseroles
  • Add to cream sauces for pasta and seafood
  • Add to omelettes, risottos, and simple broths
  • Sauté with onions and new potatoes
  • Flavour dissipates if overcooked